August "MOPS" Award Winners
"Make Our Pride Shine"

Mrs. Melena Farrell & Mrs. Annie Sanders
Grades Pre-K through 2nd Grades


Mrs. Farrell and Mrs. Sanders made a clean sweep with their pre-kindergarten class in August. The mop award is a fun way to recognize teachers who demonstrate the best in our staff at LCoE.

Ms. Crystal Leflore
Grades 3 through 6

First-year teacher Ms. Leflore was recognized with the "Mop Award" for setting the bar for good behavior and high expectations with her class in August.

"Success Through Inspiring Children Kindly"

Mrs. LaQuitta Ruffin

Mrs. Ruffin takes took home the "Spirit Stick" in August for encouraging her students to show the kind of can-do spirit that we strive to give all our students at LCoE.

PBIS Teacher of the Month

Ms. Esther Drury

Ms. Drury received the PBIS Teacher of the Month recognition for her continual efforts at installing the values of our school. She reminded students often how to be Respectful, Responsible and Ready!